Lolly Daskal

Somewhere along the line you decided to start a business. You had enough faith in yourself and your ideas to create something of your own. You were willing to take a leap of faith in your talents and ideas. You found something that had meaning for you and you followed that sense of purpose.

Now it’s time to get from where you are right now to where you deserve to be. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to open the doors to the possibility of massive success.

Think Differently… Learn to focus and prioritize differently using a Big Bolder Better approach,so that together you can..

Act Differently…set bigger goals, use bolder strategies and be a better partner, within an overall blueprint for Bigger and Bolder action.

When you think small, you get small results.

When you change the way we can create the results that we want.

If your only goal is to inch along, barely making ends meet, that’s where you’ll end up.

If you’re prepared to open your mind to bigger, better and bolder things, you can achieve the success that motivated you to begin a business in the first place.

We can see this truth in all of the great success stories. Those who achieve greatness do so by thinking bigger.

They think in terms of doing better. They believe that they can do bold, significant things. That’s true no matter how you judge success, too.

We achieve greatness by thinking in terms of greatness, not subsistence.
Think Bigger….

Define your dream: Always think about what you want rather than what you don’t want. Your brain is a magnificent but complicated organ and telling it what you don’t want to aim for can send it into a state of confusion. Imagine what you want- with smells, colors, textures, and in great detail.

-Constantly raise the bar-Make your dream great, but always dream bigger than what you can imagine right now for yourself. Sometimes we limit our lives by our limiting thinking….raise the bar. Dream BIG. Dream Bold.

-Always have your dream present in your mind.– Always think about it in the present. Instead of saying “I want” Say “I am” By imagining your dream in the present as if it has already taken place, you will find more ways to make it your reality and live up to your belief.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan for every day challenges. It means you need to approach every day with something bigger in mind.

Think bigger. Think bolder. Super Size Your Dream.

You can achieve as much as you’d like. It’s all a matter of how bold you’re willing to be. It is about how big you want to play. Some people don’t like to state high aims in case they fail and don’t achieve them.

To save face, you might focus on all the things that could go wrong and avoid dreaming of all the things that can go right. Like spinning wheels on a car that is stuck in the mud, this holds you back and keeps you exactly where you are.

Whatever you dream is, why not make it bigger and better and bolder? The more you dreams you have and the bigger they are, the more you will achieve. Go for it. Be outrageous, think of everything that you would really want and go bolder…go bigger…go better.