Lolly Daskal


“Lolly Daskal is a leader by example:  she is focused, ethical, thoughtful and strategic.  She is the example of what leadership is all about. Lolly is calm in a crisis and able to make tough decisions in difficult situations.  Lolly’s has been a big asset to my company on reaching our targets and goals.


“I have known and worked with Lolly Daskal for several years and her combination of passion, personal drive, and knowledge are truly rare. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals during my career and I can honestly say that Lolly Daskal represents a spirit that I have never encountered.”

“Your approach to solving organizational problems and helping us to focus on corporate goals is unique — no one works as you do. The way that you structured our two-day offsite meeting gave us tremendous focus, inspiration and guidance.”


“There are some people whose inner wisdom, sense of purpose, and extreme intelligence are immediately clear. Working with Lolly Daskal has been the best investment I have made for my leadership, my career, my business. Lolly Daskal is a rare breed when it comes to coaching”


“If you are considering hiring a coach, Lolly Daskal, look no further, Lolly is intelligent, fair, organized and effective leader. I would personally recommend her as someone who is knowledgeable, efficient, balanced and a great leader.”


I am extremely impressed by Lolly’s energy, passion, and dedication to helping people become effective leaders and reach their potential. Her workshops are inclusive, engaging, and results oriented. She continues to inspire me to do great things.”

“Lolly Daskal is a gifted coach. After every session I come away with meaningful strategies to improve my life. She helps me to identify the real issues and patterns in my life that get in the way of living up to my potential. I’ve recommended her to a number of my most trusted friends and colleagues, and I do so without hesitation.”

“Lolly Daskal is experienced, extremely passionate, and one of the most creative and exhilarating individuals you will ever work with.”

It’s easy to find someone who knows the theory, but doesn’t provide practical advice. It’s very rare to find someone who combines passion and enthusiasm with knowledge and practicality. Lolly Daskal was able to listen to my ideas and guide me through practical steps to achieve my goals. She identified the challenges and helped me turn my dreams into reality.

“Lolly Daskal, your vision, your dedication, is truly exceptional, your have changed my way of leading and my way of communicating. Thank you.”

“After working with Lolly I have much stronger clarity regarding my personal and professional life. Thank You.

“Hiring Lolly is one of the best decisions I have made – both for my business and for my personal growth. Funny how I keep saying I have no time – and you helped me find it. Thanks for being there for me!

“Lolly is a true inspiration and a pleasure to partner with. Her life experience, focus and expertise will help you stay on target to achieve your goals.”

“As a successful entrepreneur, I know what it takes to become one. You must have knowledge, drive, a vision and the passion to reach your goals! I hired Lolly, as a coach last year. Take advantage of her time if her calendar isn’t booked! Once the word gets out, it’ll be impossible to book her!”

“Lolly is a wise and passionate coach and mentor. She has played an instrumental role in the start-up of my business. I wake up every Monday morning energized and excited to be running my business.”

“I started working with Lolly less than a year ago. The results have been short of remarkable. From the moment we met, there was an instant connection. Lolly helped me with many aspects of my life; marriage and relationships, parenting, career. Working with her has empowered me to believe that there are no limits to pursue my passion and purpose in life.”

“If you are in a career or life transition and need assistance getting your life and career on track I highly recommend Lolly. I truly believe it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make. It has been for me.”

“Lolly is fantastic to work with. She knew exactly how to help me see my blind spots, circumvent my barriers, and evade my negative thinking. I’m finally making a living doing what I love most! I can’t thank her enough.”

“I just got fired from my job after 25 years. I was overwhelmed. I was struggling. I was a mess. Lolly encouraged me to view my situation as a new beginning rather than an end. She helped me realize what I really wanted most was to work at home and spend more time with my beautiful wife and kids. I just love it. I owe my wonderful new life to Lolly.”

“Lolly is the coach of coaches. She is creative, smart, and wise beyond words. Lolly turned my life around. Lolly taught me how to craft a new a vision for myself and for my business. A million thanks to you, Lolly.”

“It is very rare to find a person who is as dedicated to their clients as Lolly. From this day forward, my accomplishments and my success is her success. “

“Working with Lolly is the best thing that ever happened to me. I met Lolly on Twitter and cannot begin to sing her praises high enough. In a very short time, Lolly helped me recognize where I wanted to be and what it would take to get there. Now that I’ve achieved my goals I recognize that Lolly worked miracles with me. She is simply amazing.”