Lolly Daskal

Everyone can be a leader if they learn to lead from within.

Lolly Daskal has trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of leaders to help them find their purpose, pursue their passion, and achieve their potential.

Lolly specializes in 1:1 personal counseling, executive coaching, train the trainer, and leadership development. She believes that we all have the promise to become great leaders. It requires us to uncover the wisdom, inner strength, discipline, and determination that lie within us.

“It was very enjoyable working with Lolly Daskal during our organizational redesign. It is always stressful for management and leadership to go through a change, and Lolly’s seasoned guidance was of great value. She was very effective in navigating between me and my board and the rest of the organization. I would recommend Lolly to any organization that is going through change and is in need of strong leadership and culture development.”  ~ CEO of Fortune 500

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Lolly’s goal is to help others make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others. Unfortunately, many people and organizations hit speed bumps along the way because they haven’t properly identified their purpose, defined their mission, acknowledged their strengths and weaknesses, focused their attention on critical priorities, harnessed the strength to overcome challenges, invested their time and resources effectively, and made good choices.

Lolly has a global coaching/consulting practice based on the premise that heart-based leadership ––Lead from Within –– is a key determinant of success. Great leaders know that building trust, earning respect, enhancing communication, encouraging teamwork, strengthening relationships, and inspiring others to achieve their potential fosters success.

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