Lolly Daskal

Lolly, Your impact on me was in the faces and expressions of gratitude by each and every person at our conference. To see how you literally changed those people lives and their perspective on leadership was simply incredible.

I cannot tell you how many people came up to me simply said how they were blown away by your story and the lessons they took away from it.

Ashley Davis– Vice President Operations
Time Warner Cable Media


Lolly’s keynote really resonated and impacted us in ways we weren’t prepared for. I think a lot of times you expect to attend a conference and sit there while someone talks “at” you and then you leave with a few takeaways- I left feeling uplifted and challenged.

I feel like she related to everyone in the room and made them realize that what they see as roadblocks are just opportunities for them to listen to their hearts and do what they think is right. To be a great leader, you don’t need to be in a position of power, you can be seen as a leader by earning the respect of others, standing up for what you believe and finding your real purpose.

I can’t talk enough about how impactful her story is and there were several moments during her presentation when there was a collective gasp in the room, because everyone was so captivated by her story.  We are so thankful she chose to share it with us.

Kendall Hinesley– Time Warner Cable Media


Lolly Daskal believes that key to leadership is to “identify what you stand for, what you believe in,” It is important to “identify your values,” she said.

For Daskal, these values are “family,” as was indicated by the presence of her two daughters in the audience, “relationships” and “love.” She encouraged the residents to “live each moment with passion and integrity.”

“When you are lost,” she said “the only thing that can fill you up is yourself.

She captivated our audience and gave us lots to think about.

Lolly is a true heart based Leader.

WIL Women’s International Leadership
Columbia University


I’ve been so lucky to hear Lolly speak. She is the most passionate, courageous, and inspiring woman I have ever met. Her workshops are highly informative and have stretched my knowledge and mindset. She has helped me change my life.

Lisa G. – V.P. Business Development

Lolly Daskal is one of a kind. I was so pleased to attend her workshop. Everyone in the room was mesmerized by her knowledge and message. She taught us the importance of heart-based leadership. She taught us how to express ourselves and be of value to others in business and in life. Most of all, she challenged us to make a difference with our customers and in the lives of others. We could have listened to Lolly for hours. We all left changed forever.

Debra M. – Life Coach

Did you ever hear Lolly address an audience? If you answer no, you’re missing something very special. Her passion is exposed through every syllable. I left with so many golden nuggets and ideas that I couldn’t wait to go home and put them into practice in my business and life. She has a profound skill set and a compassionate heart. I am so grateful to her.

Maureen C. – Herbalist