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Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 5.04.45 PMAre you looking for a dynamic speaker to captivate and energize an audience?

Lolly is a remarkable individual with a personal story that can be described as just short of a miracle. Maybe that’s why Lolly was named “One of the Most Inspiring Women in the World!” by The Huffington Post.

Lolly has a gift for simplifying life’s challenges and providing real-world, easy-to-understand leadership lessons that can have a profound impact on each attendee’s life. Her speeches are filled with personal anecdotes as well as sensible ideas that are practical and actionable.


Lolly, Your impact on me was in the faces and expressions of gratitude by each and every person at our conference. To see how you literally changed those people lives and their perspective on leadership was simply incredible.

I cannot tell you how many people came up to me simply said how they were blown away by your story and the lessons they took away from it.

Ashley Davis– Vice President Operations
Time Warner Cable Media

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Lolly speaks on topics such as:

Lead from Within: The Impact of Heart Based Leadership

Real leadership begins with a powerful vision, a unified mission, and passion about core values. When people are inspired to achieve a purpose greater than themselves, no challenge is too great and no impediment is too difficult. This is a world in which everyone is focused on common goals. People don’t have to be cajoled to do something; they volunteer. Command and control gives way to leadership through knowledge, experience, respect, and trust for the individual. People place their personal needs aside, strive for the common good, and work together as a team. All the common excuses, silly games, and petty politics are cast aside. Why? It’s actually very simple . . . “we have more important things to do.” It’s time to Lead from Within.

Leaders Without a Title

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations that cannot respond quickly will be left in the dust. It’s no longer possible for a few leaders to make all the decisions, create elaborate orders, and disseminate them to the masses (days later). That’s so yesterday! It’s time to stop looking elsewhere for someone to grab the reins. It’s YOUR turn. It doesn’t matter if you have a title, where you fit in the pecking order, or whether you have a corner office. Everyone must be empowered to lead. If something needs doing . . . get going! Leaders without a title helps you understand what it takes to lead with greatness.

Why Trust Matters:

We need to tell a new story about our leadership, our business, one that underscores the way we can trust and contribute to each other. Without trust, the chances for a long term success are diminished. But for those who recognize the importance of building business and leadership foundation on trust are likely to find themselves both  doing what is right and what is good for stakeholders in the long run. Lolly’s Keynote shows us why TRUST matters, and how it makes a difference not only in your business, but in your leadership and life.

Putting Purpose and Passion Back into Your Organization

Do your employees have their heart in their work? Are they committed to your organization’s goals? If it sometimes feels like pulling teeth, ask yourself, “Why do the same employees who are clock watchers work tirelessly for a not-for-profit cause that they believe in?” Psssst . . . do you want to know the secret of their success? If so, it’s time to attend Putting Purpose and Passion Back into Your Organization.

The HeART of Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. It helps to promote teamwork, increase efficiency, and strengthen relationships. Poor communication contributes to the problem of employees working at cross-purposes and duplicating efforts. Let’s talk about how The HeART of Communication can help your organization achieve success.

Attendees have described Lolly’s speeches as “invigorating,” and even “life-changing.” One attendee recently said, “Lolly created so much energy in the room, I’ll be able to live off of it for the next month.”


Customized to Fit Your Needs

As a much-sought-after convention and conference speaker, Lolly has electrified audiences worldwide. She has conducted hundreds of public seminars for a broad range of organizations. Her speaking engagements range from large venues to intimate gatherings where she delivers highly customized seminars.

Lolly can work with you to customize a perfect keynote speech for either a half- or a full-day seminar. Lolly can help motivate and energize your organization or staff, introducing positive change to usher in a new direction.

An Unforgettable Keynote

Lolly offers a truly unforgettable keynote speech that reminds us all of the power of living in the moment and the importance of living with a purpose. Her personal life story is more than an engaging emotional roller-coaster ride; it’s a powerful learning and motivational tool.

Lolly uses every opportunity to promote the importance of integrity, bolster our self-worth, make a difference in the lives of others and inspire us to reach our potential. We all face challenges in our lives, but Lolly teaches us to uncover inner strength and unleash the passion and confidence to take action and lead from within.

She resists the easy urge to tie her tale to a simplistic 12-step program model and refuses to use the story to “preach.” Her powerful address hammers home bigger, more important points with absolute clarity.

This keynote is about living in the present rather than the past or future in order to skirt pain and fear. It emphasizes the importance of experiencing happiness and realizing that happiness is as close as the palm of our hand.

It’s impossible to listen to Lolly’s presentation without feeling more alive and empowered. It’s a speech that challenges everyone to look within, to embark on a life filled with inner strength, core values, and strong convictions. The more you know about yourself, the better you’ll relate to others.

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Lolly’s story is unforgettable and her message is invaluable. She provides the kind of keynote that makes a lasting difference in the personal and professional lives of her audience.

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