Lolly Daskal


Lolly Daskal offers a passionate perspective on personal and professional growth. Her perspective is simultaneously comforting and challenging—and it’s always inspirational.

Lolly is passionate about helping others discover their true purposes in life and to help them implement the actions necessary to fulfill those personal destinies.

While there are countless “coaches” who promise to show you the mechanics of making money, there’s only one Lolly Daskal—a woman who understands that our strongest passions and individual purposes must inform our actions if we want to truly experience success, happiness and serenity.

Passion infuses everything Lolly does. You can sense her excitement, interest and love for the projects in which she’s involved. It’s contagious. And powerful.


Lolly Daskal is a personal development lifestyle and leadership expert. She’s a coach, consultant, partner, facilitator and collaborator who has helped her clients to “wake up” to their passions, purposes and possibilities.

She uses her unique perspective and substantial personal experience as a successful entrepreneur to teach others how to improve their business performance and their personal satisfaction. She specializes in helping others to solve the problems that are standing in the way of success. Her clients find their true goals and learn how to get from where they are to where they should be.

Lolly believes in leading from within. Her approach to coaching is focused on the client and how that individual can get connect with what matters most.

The results can be amazing. This highly-individualized approach does things—remarkable things—that no “one size fits all” blueprint can rival. Working with Lolly is an opportunity to find your place, your calling and to discover your own path to reaching your personal goals.


Lolly specializes in helping others to achieve their most heartfelt goals and she does that by combining her understanding of people with a mastery of technique.

Her frequent collaborations with successful entrepreneurs and fascinating figures from a variety of backgrounds provides her with an exceptionally large professional development toolbox. Lolly doesn’t simply tell people to “take action”, she can help them choose the right action.

Lolly’s extensive involvement and experience in the rapidly-growing world of social media is a perfect example. She knows the strategies. She understands the possibilities. Most importantly, she knows how to tie those techniques and potentials to individuals—in ways that make their participation honest, authentic and wildly successful.


She’s different. Lolly merges an artistic sensibility with intense personal passion and extensive awareness to provide a unique coaching/consulting experience for her clients.

Lolly doesn’t preach the usual sermons. She doesn’t talk about balance; she helps people find integration. She doesn’t give “get rich quick” advice; she empowers others to create rich lives. She isn’t just an entrepreneur who got lucky; she’s an experienced, serious thinker with a background that allows her to forge meaningful connections with anyone.

She’s a dynamic speaker who can brings audiences to tears and who has the talent to spur others into serious reflection.

She has something new to say. She says it in writing. She says it in interviews. She says it with her paintings. She says it to live audiences. And When Lolly talks, people listen.


Lolly is “the voice of experience”. Her varied and interesting background supplies her with a unique perspective on matters of leadership, passion, purpose, business development, personal development, creativity, success and individual empowerment. Her experience helps clients improve performance through a focus on their professional and personal goals.

Lolly’s unique background includes:

  • Working in the television and film industry.
  • Running her own highly-profitable direct sales business.
  • Success as a professional artist.
  • Years of experience in the field of personal development.

She’s been a coach, a speaker, an organizer and a teacher. She’s built businesses from the ground up as an entrepreneur and has helped others to refine and improve their existing businesses to reach maximum levels of success.


Lolly has long recognized the tension between our age of personal branding and the frequent destruction of authenticity. She believes in harnessing the power and potential of social media and “the new marketing” without sacrificing integrity or authenticity.

She teaches that to her clients and she practices it herself.

When you hear from Lolly, you’re getting a direct message from another human being. Her ideas aren’t reduced to blandness by market researchers or editors. She wants you to know her—not her marketing message.

She wants people to hear you, too. The real you. While others peddle schemes designed to create social media and marketing “personas”, Lolly recognizes that you can better serve your professional and personal interests with honest communication.


One of Lolly’s greatest passions is her art work. She’s an accomplished painter who’s enjoyed substantial professional success in the art world. Her paintings straddle the line between abstract and representational art. She works on a large scale—big paintings with bold textures and numerous layers that create depth and contour.

Lolly once said, “I want to invite the viewer in and create a sacred space where the mind can wander freely and the spirit can soar”.

Those who have worked with her can understand how that same artistic thinking influences her interaction with clients and collaborators. She always strives to create safe spaces where honesty can comfortably prevail and where creative thinking and motivation are welcome to grow.


Lolly doesn’t talk TO you; she talks WITH you. She recognizes the way combining talents, backgrounds, methods, ideas and passions can produce exceptional outcomes.

Her clients don’t just get “to do lists” and proclamations. They work with her to unlock their potential, to discover their purposes and to reach for something greater.

That attitude informs everything she does. Those who’ve partnered with Lolly invariably enjoy the open-mindedness, flexibility, and results that stem from a collaborative relationship. Working with Lolly is an empowering exercise in respect and mutual appreciation dominated by a thirst to find “the best way for the best reasons”

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Step forward boldly.

Take a risk. Live a life with passion. Live the life of your dreams.

I dare you to Live a Life of Passion.

–Lolly Daskal