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How Do I Love Thee..Let Me Count The Ways

Posted on 06. Nov, 2011 by .


I love thee.
These three words can change a person’s life. Too often, we only consider love in the context of our closest or most intimate relationships. But what about our other connections? Imagine what the phrase can do for the people who you work with.
Consider the following expressions of love and think about how you can put more love into all of your relationships…
How do I love thee?
I love thee…. without limits. The more I learn to love and appreciate what you do, the more improvement I will see in our relationship. There will be a deeper connection.
I love thee…. thru hard times. When business is slow and we are not reaching our goals, I will stand by you. In the end, love will fill us up and make us glad we have each other.
I love thee… enough to give you freedom. Freedom to make your own choices and decisions. Freedom to feel free from guilt about pretending to be someone you are not.
I love thee…without fearlessness. To create the space to tell the truth without being afraid.
I love thee….for your growth. Everyone needs someone to support them while they grow and make changes. I will stand by you.
I love thee… thru transformation. When you are seeking to understand, I will give you the space to search.
I love thee… thru all vulnerability. Allowing us to cultivate a safe haven so we can be open and honest at all times.
I love thee….with authenticity. I will love you in ways that matter ONLY to you
I love thee….for thee. Loving each person for who they are and honoring their gifts and talents will give them the foundation to launch into the success that is meant to be theirs.
I love thee leadership style: The greatest leaders are those who connect in positive and heartfelt ways to their organizations, and who do so with inspiration, motivation and heart.
Lead From Within: Learning to love others authentically and in ways that matter to them is one of the best things any leader can do.
This POST is dedicated to the ONE I LOVE………….YOU!!!!!!
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