How Do I Love Thee..Let Me Count The Ways

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I love thee.
These three words can change a person’s life. Too often, we only consider love in the context of our closest or most intimate relationships. But what about our other connections? Imagine what the phrase can do for the people who you work with.
Consider the following expressions of love and think about how you can put more love into all of your relationships…
How do I love thee?
I love thee…. without limits. The more I learn to love and appreciate what you do, the more improvement I will see in our relationship. There will be a deeper connection.
I love thee…. thru hard times. When business is slow and we are not reaching our goals, I will stand by you. In the end, love will fill us up and make us glad we have each other.
I love thee… enough to give you freedom. Freedom to make your own choices and decisions. Freedom to feel free from guilt about pretending to be someone you are not.
I love thee…without fearlessness. To create the space to tell the truth without being afraid.
I love thee….for your growth. Everyone needs someone to support them while they grow and make changes. I will stand by you.
I love thee… thru transformation. When you are seeking to understand, I will give you the space to search.
I love thee… thru all vulnerability. Allowing us to cultivate a safe haven so we can be open and honest at all times.
I love thee….with authenticity. I will love you in ways that matter ONLY to you
I love thee….for thee. Loving each person for who they are and honoring their gifts and talents will give them the foundation to launch into the success that is meant to be theirs.
I love thee leadership style: The greatest leaders are those who connect in positive and heartfelt ways to their organizations, and who do so with inspiration, motivation and heart.
Lead From Within: Learning to love others authentically and in ways that matter to them is one of the best things any leader can do.
This POST is dedicated to the ONE I LOVE………….YOU!!!!!!
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20 Responses to “How Do I Love Thee..Let Me Count The Ways”

  1. Gordon Fuller

    06. Nov, 2011


    Love the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

    Even used it as part of my wedding vows.

    Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts… and the cool picture.

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  2. Joe High

    06. Nov, 2011

    Wow! This is so powerful! Says it all Lolly!

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  3. Mike Keller

    07. Nov, 2011

    Great post Lolly. Looking forward to the chat tomorrow night.

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  4. Spot on Lolly so lead on! The people-skills aspects of leadership make a significant difference. When leaders get over any fear they may have about losing objectivity if they show compassion — they succeed and so does the organization.

    Here’s a post that offers 5 consequences of the opposite:
    What Do Workplace Pit Bulls Do to Accountabililty and Results?

    Warmest regards,

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  5. muhammad

    07. Nov, 2011

    wonderful advice from beautiful woman ^_^

    god bless you

    lady Lolly

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  6. Dorothy Dalton

    07. Nov, 2011

    Excellent post Lolly- covered it all!

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  7. Edward Colozzi

    07. Nov, 2011

    Thanks Lolly for reminding us of some of the many ways God loves us all directly, and indirectly though Others who appear in our lives throughout our journey. Your post brings us back to an ancient memory embedded deep within each of our very souls, when we were first created and kissed by an Angel of God, a kiss of LOVE that would always be eternal, yet needing affirmation throughout our lives on this plane. You are one of those “Others” in my life and the lives of so many members of your wonderful cyber family. Mahalo nui loa and Aloha EdC

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  8. Simon Harvey

    07. Nov, 2011

    Dear Lolly,

    Great post and appetizer for tomorrow night’s chat. It will bring great emotion to leadfromwithin with.

    Love, such a strong yet often misunderstood word, some fear it, some seek it, some may never have felt it.

    Love cannot be grasped, bought, sold or thrown away. It lies hidden, dorment within us all waiting to be touched by life, and then to blossom and flourish with such speed and rapture that is can extinguish pain, dispare, fear and want.

    Love should be cherished and nourished, love deserves our attention and commitment to its fuel, of life.

    Love as you say comes in may forms, it can and should be expressed in many ways, it knows no borders, has no boundaries but those that we impose ourselves from fear and misunderstanding.

    I look forward to spreading the love that you bring from within and the amazing gentleness of @John_Paul will surely bring us together to leadfromwithin.

    Love you for being here, and being you.

    You are amazing.

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    • lollydaskal

      07. Nov, 2011

      Dearest Simon,

      Your comment is sheer poetry. It moved me. Your voice on Love is spot on!
      I kept saying AMEN after ever thought- after every sentence.
      You are one PASSIONATE BRILLIANT man!
      Thanks Simon!

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  9. john paul

    07. Nov, 2011

    Such a beautiful post. Love is what we came here for. Thank you!

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  10. Mimi @MimiBakerMN

    07. Nov, 2011

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing that poem. Hope to join the discussion tomorrow night!

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  11. Andie

    08. Nov, 2011

    Wow! This is so inspiring Lolly. It has opened my inner eyes and I now realize that everyone needs someone to support them while they grow.
    Thank you and GOD bless you!

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  12. Jorge Furber (@jfurberc)

    08. Nov, 2011

    Thanks Lolly for sharing. Great topic for tomorrow chat!

    I love thee, … because I WANT to love you. Love is not a feeling, love is an act of will. I choose to love you in a free and voluntary act.

    To love is to pursue the good of other not for myself but for him, selflessly.

    Therefore, love a person is to direct our whole being (mind, will, emotions, attitudes, skills, possessions, service and delivery capacity) to the being of the person you want, so that it deployment and develop to the perfection of his being.

    Love involves suffering, if you are not capable of suffering you are not capable of love. The higher capacity to accept suffering, the higher capacity to love.

    Understanding all these allows us to work on developing what we need to love without limits

    I loved the way you spreading your love in #leadfromwithin

    Thanks again!!


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    • lollydaskal

      08. Nov, 2011

      I love thee, … because I WANT to love you...That is so perfect. I love the simple profound message in the sentence……
      Your comments are beautiful.
      See you tonight on #leadfromwithin

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  13. Andrea Gordon

    17. Nov, 2011

    It’s really refreshing to see such a different perspective on leadership – your focus on incorporating passion and internal motivations make it seem so much more human and organic. Thanks for the beautiful insights 🙂

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  14. shine

    25. Nov, 2011

    Today joint this website, know our life is very fast no time but everything is very selfish mind s forget this words !

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